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How long do you need to develop my website?

It really depends. It depends on what you are trying to build and how many features do you need. Simple WordPress websites should be ready for your first look within 10 days while an advanced ecommerce website might take two months to get the first iteration done.

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Web Designing related Questions...

It also depends on the design, if you want to use a popular theme, the work is obviously less and thus, faster, while hand-coding a custom design for your website will take much longer. There are websites building platforms where themes are not readily available, using those will again, take longer time. Then comes the iterations and quality testing which can take a couple of weeks. Thus, to be on the safer side, its better to assume that minimum web building time in 3 weeks.

Its easy and we can do it for you.

Changing content: It should take one working day, provided the content comes from your side. This might be texts, images or audio video contents. If we are to create the content from our side, that time will be required extra. Changing Design: If you simply want to shift to another theme, its easy to do and should take 2 workings days. However, if you have a custom theme or you want to shift to a custom theme, it might take somewhere between 2 to 3 weeks. Changing Features: This involves coding and thus, the scope defines the cost and the time of the work.

For costing, please contact us.

We require to understand

  • the purpose of the website.
  • The type of the website
  • your chosen platform for the website
  • what features you require on the website
  • (Optional) content for the website.
  • Your domain details
  • Your server details (if purchased by yourself)
  • Anything you want to clone from an existing website.

Once we have these information, we can start building the website. Not all the details are required on day 1, but you must keep these handy so when we require those, we find those easily.

It depends. Generally for bigger order sizes, we offer free maintenance for 1 year and smaller websites get our free support for first three months. However, if you sign a AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) with us, we will take care of your website, improve, update and upgrade as required. This will start after the free maintenance period expires.

Nope, if you have purchased our website building package then that's the whole amount you pay. You will get web design, web development, on-page SEO optimisation and hosting, all within that page. However, if you want any paid add-on to your website, for example a payment gateway, you need to make payments to a third-party to purchase that.

SEO related Questions...

Check some of the frequently asked questions to solve queries quickly

You benefit in different ways when utilising SEO. Even if we forget traffic and revenue, you become an authority website in your niche. This helps you to climb the steps faster. People will start referring your website and also backlink to your website without any encouragement. Secondly, you also gain visibility and brand awareness. People who were not aware of your company, will now see and become aware of your brand. Finally, SEO elements also help you please the customers because it forces you to update your content regularly and publish meaningful, informative and fresh content.

SEO is not a one time duty nor it is a destination. Even when you reach the top, your journey isn't done. You must fight hard to maintain the top spot. Your competitors are not sitting idle, they are trying their best as well and thus, the moment you stop running, they overtake you. That philosophy being shared, it takes somewhere between eight weeks to 16 weeks for the keywords to rank on the first page. Sometimes, for the most fiercely competitive keywords, it might take longer. Google actually shows the competition for the keywords in their tool, thus, you can get an idea.

Also, longer tail keywords tend to rank quickly than short keywords and they convert more as well, however, they are less searched for.

SEO is a free campaign from Google’s side thus, there is no fixed cost. The charges you pay are for the agency’s efforts. Thus, obviously, the more you make the agency work i.e. the more keywords you want them to work on, the more you pay. If you want the agency to create the content as well then the charges go higher. If you want the agency to post the same on paid websites, the costs go even higher.

That being said, our SEO campaigns start from $199 per month with the costing going higher for every additional services you purchase.

We can't compare orange vs apple and peach. These are three distinct methods of search engine optimisation and each of them has different pros and cons. PPC is great when you have higher budget and less patience. You can easily get featured on the top of the SERP, even above the general search results but at a cost. And this cost can be high, depending on the search keywords you are targetting. Moreover, every time your ad is displayed, you spend money. The moment your fund ends, your ads are no longer shown. However, you get featured on high authority websites which is not possible via any other mode of advertisement.

SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation and it doesn't target Google SERP. Rather, here the target audience is the Facebook and Twitter user. Your posts are boosted and shown in the timeline or feed of millions of social media users. With the whole world coming on Facebook and Twitter, the reach is beyond imagination. However, it has less impact on the users and conversion is often low.

SEO is the oldest trick in the market, stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Here the results take time but they are relatively stable and most importantly, there is nothing to spend on except for the service fee of the agency which is payable for the other two services as well, atop the payments to Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Comparing everything, the right dose of each should be in the mix but you should ideally start with SEO.

Keywords are the search phrases we put on Google. You ideally want to select those keywords for which you want to come on the first page as a result. That being said, not every keyword is profitable. From our long experience, we have noticed a few things

  • Check the keywords your competitors are targetting. They are targetting those because those keywords are bringing business and traffic for them. There are tools which can tell you this.
  • Longer tails keywords, keywords with 4 or more words in it, often keywords with geographical location, convert more visitors, ranks easily but has low number of searches. Shorter keywords, however, are difficult to rank, brings more traffic when ranking but converts less. Your kitty should carry a mix of these two types.
  • talk to your SEO agency, tell them about your business and your targets. They will be able to help you in selecting the keywords which has low competition yet would be beneficial for your business.

In the end, sit with us and let's talk, we will come up with a list of suggested keywords from which you can take your picks. That's the best way to go about it.