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Our refund policy has been created to define we don’t believe in Refund Policy. Our clients purchasing our services indicate that they have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions of our policies detailed on this page. Due to the nature of our services (Web and Digital Services) it is not possible for us to “refund” the amount we charged on our services. Therefore we do not provide refund once the project is started. At UG Info System we take every project to the completion. It is as much our responsibility as the client’s. So, If you have any issue regarding the project or services, you can discuss it and we will do our best to resolve the issues. Only when things are completely out of hand that refund should be considered.

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Our refund policy

However, despite every measure, we can only consider refund requests as per the clearly listed conditions mentioned below.

If you are having any queries, issues or suggestions regarding our policy kindly e–mail us at