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Social media is penetrating every field of our life! Ride this wave to success with UG Info System, India’s leading social media marketing company. Use the ubiquitous presence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to bring revenue to your business.

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SMO Company India You Can Trust

UG Info System is carrying experience of decades, skillsets of certified professionals and integrity of a ISO:9001:2015 company and thus, deliver the most effective benefit you can derive from pervasive presence of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and similar. We have been chosen as the social media marketing company with the highest customer satisfaction. We are a holistic SMO company in India who provides complete range of SMO services in India and thus, we are your one stop shop for all your social media marketing needs. If you are looking to take your company’s social presence to the next level, you have no choice left than to choose UG Info System, the SMO company in India who deliver.

Our Range of SMO Services in India

UG Info System provides complete range of services which makes us the most complete SMO company in India. We take notice of your existing campaign, your competitors, your target and your budget to design and execute a campaign which brings new traffic, makes the business popular among social media savvy customers and of course, brings revenue.

Social Media Audit

We analyse your business, your target, strategy of your competitors and so on and then design a campaign which will reach the maximum valid eyeballs at the minimum cost.

Social Media Campaign

We run campaigns across platforms like Facebook and Twitter, create text and audio-visual content for the same, respond to clients, and send you detailed reports every week.

Paid Social Media

We handle your paid, promoted campaign on Facebook, Twitter and more and bring you the maximum bang for your buck. Within budget, we bring you a positive ROI.


We have methodical approach towards social media marketing which brings predicted results and eliminates chances of errors. Using our tried & tested formula, we bring assured results for our client, every time.

From strategy development to community management, we know how to start those and what to do in that. We have been doing the same for years now, getting extremely successful results for our clients, and thus, becoming the No. 1 SMO company India. Our experts will design your campaign and explain every step to you so you know what to expect from your new social media campaign.

We devise the strategy for your social media campaign by taking your purpose, goal, time, budget and resources into consideration. We also check what your competitors are doing.

We handle your campaign using Google and Facebook, 3rd party tools, and run it to perfection. We create ads, target right demography and run them and get excellent result.

We build and maintain a thriving community, keep them engaged by replying to them, announcing special events, continuously encouraging them to keep the community alive.

We create excellent infographics, texts and audio-visual content to use on the ads and also to share with the community which create brand awareness and draw users to be a customer.

We send weekly and detailed monthly report, noting our progress, the reach of the campaign and all the important data. Then we sit and discuss the action plan for next month.

Why choose any SMO Services in India

India has a great English speaking community which doesn't only help you communicate better with the SMO company but it also means you can easily leave the content creation tasks to the agency. India is where you find the most cost effective service as well, due to the currency conversion rate, which means you get the same level of service from your SMO company in India vis a vis an American agency, but at a much lower cost.

However, don't choose any SMO company in India, choose someone which has a great track record, which has experience in handling social media campaign and which is responsive to your needs. In short, choose UG Info System as your social media marketing company.

Importance of using a Social Media Company

A social media marketing company brings professionalism into the mix and frees you from continuously updating your social media feeds or responding to your clients during busy business schedule. A thriving social media presence has so many benefits for your business these days.